When planning the details of Rachel and Alex's engagement shoot, they were both open to suggestions on the location.  As a Milwaukee Wedding Photographer, I don't take for granted that we have so many cool options at our disposal, and only wish that there was more time to visit them all.  In the end, we decided to meet up in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee to shoot against the industrial backdrop of the area, and were lucky enough to gain access to the hidden gem of a venue in Amorphic Beer.  A few months ago I had the pleasure of shooting a small wedding in the back area, which is one hell of a unique venue.  Whoever designed it deserves a medal of some sort; check it out when you get the chance.

The leaves were all kinds of colors, the sun was out, and Rachel and Alex came ready to have a good time.  I always tell the couples I work with that the engagement shoot is a great opportunity to spend a little bit of time together before the wedding and have a low pressure, laid back practice session of sorts before the big day.  As long as they can focus their energy on one another and laugh at the awkward moments, it is bound to be a smashing success.  This day was a great one all around, and I'm really looking forward to next years Milwaukee wedding with Rachel, Alex and all of their friends and family.

Below are just a few samples of what we were able to put together during our time together.

Riverwest, Milwaukee, WI