Winter at The Haight
Artistic and Traditional
Black and white photograph of couple cutting the cake while smiling and laughing.  Groom wears a yamulke and Bride has flowers in her hair.  Cake is white with lego figurines on top.
Milwaukee Love
A Celebration of Love at The Pritzlaff
black and white photograph of couple dancing outside under a cloudy sky during their wedding.  Urban environment, with parking structure as the backdrop to groom twirling the bride in epic fashion.
Chicago a la Colorado
Elegance at City View Loft
Nature in Milwaukee
An Urban Ecology Center Wedding
black and white photo of couple, bride and groom standing in a field tossing sticks.  Married at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Summer wedding, laid back and low key.
Milwaukee Charm + Indian Style
A Two-Day Bonanza at the Pfister Hotel
Black and White photo, wide dancefloor shot of choreographed dance at an Indian wedding.  Pfister hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Chicago in Neon
Tacos and Dancing at the Lacuna Lofts
wedding couple dances in black and white with light streaks.  guests surround them and everyone is dancing and having a great time.

There are a million ways to do it, and each one is different. You work hard to put your unique fingerprint on your wedding day, from the prep location to the color of the napkins to choosing the person who will be playing the music.  I love working just as hard to curate the visual keepsake that will be passed on to future generations, and remind you that it wasn't just about the color palette.

When you're looking at your album in ten years time you'll be reminded of the small details, sure.  But most importantly, you'll get to relive the big emotions and peer into the fleeting moments you may have forgotten or missed altogether.

If you are looking for a Milwaukee Wedding Photographer (or Chicago, Madison, and beyond)...  I am here to help you preserve it.  Check out the love above for some highlights.