large, intimate, or in-between
newlywed couple walking next to Lake Geneva after their wedding in Wisconsin.  The bride holds a bouquet of flowers and is wearing a white dress, while the groom is looking back and wearing a blue suit.
keeping it on the down low
A newlywed couple kisses with city lights and passing traffic behind them after they were married in a courtroom in Chicago, Illinois.  The photo is in black and white and is a silhouette shot of the bride and groom.
we're doing this!
A seated couple embraces during their engagement shoot.  They are smiling and holding their heads close while they also hold hands.  The woman is wearing an orange dress and the man is wearing a blue shirt and tan pants.



Documentary wedding photographer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for couples who like to have a good time.

I am Patrick, and I bring the cameras.  In the Midwest and beyond, I shoot in a documentary style and hyper-focus on telling authentic stories while also capturing creative and natural portraits.  There are a lot of ways to get married, and I'm down to be there taking pictures whoever you are and whatever way you decide.

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