Are you and your fiancé considering a video option for your wedding day?  I would love to help make that happen.  

My hope is to offer a few realistic options for obtaining a video of your wedding day where it might have previously seemed expendable or out of reach.  

Hybrid Photo + Video

Your hybrid coverage results in all the goods you see in our photography packagesplus a 4-6 minute high definition highlight video of the day, complete with audio (highlights of vows/ceremony, speeches, etc) and set to a carefully selected, professional soundtrack of music.

How it works:

An extra camera operator joins me on the wedding day (I only work with professionals I trust), and along with the necessary audio+visual equipment we cover all of the photography needs and add in video coverage throughout the day. 

With our hybrid option, the logistics of the day remain clean, the amount of cameras stays at a stealthy level (contributing to the natural, candid approach which is the staple of Betcher Photo), and couples forever have a high quality video to supplement their wedding photographs without having to invest in a full videography team and package.

*see pricing below

Full Video Coverage

If you've already settled on a photographer and find yourself looking for a full video option, we offer two packages: 8 hours of coverage (8-10 minute video) and 6 hours of coverage (5-7 minute video). Both include your high definition video along with music and audio.

How it works:

Depending on the details of your wedding, one or two camera operators cover all of the action on your wedding day, working with your other vendors to provide a top-shelf and seamless experience with a keen eye on what is important to you.

With the full video option, my team is freed up to focus solely on video, allowing us to flesh out the story of your wedding and film the small details that may be easily missed by you and your fiancé throughout the course of the day.  We remain committed to our unobtrusive style, so that you can relive moments as they actually happened.

*see pricing below

Lake Geneva, WI Wedding

Highlights from Katie and Aaron's beautiful mid-July wedding in Lake Geneva, WI.  

(This video was part of a hybrid photography + videography package - see below for details)

Brookfield, WI Wedding

Emily and David's day was full of heartfelt moments in the suburbs of Milwaukee.

(This video is from a full videography package - see below for details)

Chicago, IL Wedding

A romp through the Fulton Market area of Chicago with Megan, Matt and their families and friends.

Hybrid Pricing:

Your fully edited, 4-6 minute high definition highlight video with audio

+ $2150 + tax*

*Up to 8 Hours of hybrid coverage

Full Videography Pricing:

8 hours of coverage + your fully edited, 8-10 minute high definition video with audio

Local starts at $3200

6 hours of coverage + your fully edited, 5-7 minute high definition video with audio

Local starts at $2800


Add uncut footage of ceremony + speeches

+ $300

Additional Hours

+ $250/hour

Years down the line, I believe couples will find immense value in being able to sit down and look back on one the most important days of their lives in photos AND video, seeing all of their favorite people again, hearing their voices, and watching themselves pull off the dance moves of their youth.

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